Direct From Factory Delivery & Communication Process Delivery Charges And Full Information To Purchasing Direct From The Factory.

So whats it all about ?

Simple really! you order via our website at direct from factory prices, we load and ship the container and unload at the other end and deliver out to your homes via our professional delivery teams.

How do You Gain?

Quite simply you save a small fortune on the items prices, around 80% less than you would pay on the high street or elsewhere on the web as literally the furniture comes directly out the factory at direct factory prices gets shipped and then we simply unload and deliver to your home.

All the furniture is held in stock in the factory all pre made as the orders arrive we load onto the shipping container, when its full we ship it and on arrival we unload it and redistribute it, we cut out all the associated overheads and simply charge what it actually costs to deliver to your home as theres no room for hiding real delivery costs in the furniture prices as furniture stores do and other retailers. We cut out all the standard add on margins involved hence why you get the direct from factory prices.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Container From The Factory?

A shipping container from the factory in the Far East ( where all oak furniture is made today) takes 6 weeks from the factory to our unloading and distribution point. Don't forget we have to fill it and load it too!

How Long Will My Actual Delivery Take From Ordering?

Delivery times vary, it can be between 8 -14 weeks all dependent on when your order is loaded onto the shipping container, if you catch the end of a nearly full one it can be 7/8 weeks, if you catch the beginning of a fill it can be 12/14 if you are right at the start of a new fill. If you don't have the patience then this service is not for you at the same time if you like to save a considerable amount of money then it is for you for sure obtaining the direct from factory price.

Remember you are buying stock direct from the factory and it needs shipping and it does take time but this is the process retail park and retail stores follow for their stocks and why they treble the price in between purchasing and delivering to you. Why should you pay that when we can deliver it to you directly at factory price plus reality delivery charge?

What If I Have No Patience And Want Furniture Quicker?

Well as the old saying goes you can't have your cake and eat it  It's impossible to fit round pegs into square holes too. 

If you don't have the patience or are in a rush then buying at trade prices from the factory is not for you then you can email you can visit our other website here  where oak furniture can be delivered to you in around 4/5 weeks from UK held stock. Also from here our other retail website for the same products delivered from UK held stocks.

Naturally the lowest priced option is of course straight from the factory at direct factory prices for just having a little patience on furniture that will last you a lifetime.

Delivery Charges And Areas.

We deliver the furniture once its unloaded off the container, a full container takes us around 2 weeks to deliver out fully.

As for delivery charges, we don't hide delivery charges in the price of the furniture, there is no room too as we are selling the furniture at direct factory prices. We don't profit on delivery charges either but simply charge what it costs in reality.

UK Standard  Delivery charge is £150

Spain Standard Delivery charge is £199

France Standard Delivery Charge is £199

Portugal Standard Delivery Charge is £210

A Standard delivery charge covers delivery to your room of choice.

We also offer a Premium delivery service. The premium delivery service sees our driver unbox all the furniture, set it all up for you where required and take away all the heavy duty packaging for recycling saving you many trips to to the bins/tip as well as having all your furniture set up.

UK Premium Delivery Charge £199

Spain Premium Delivery Charge £249

France Premium Delivery Charge £249

Portugal Premium Delivery Charge £259

We do advise the premium delivery service, it saves you a lot of unboxing of furniture and also allows you to fully inspect all the furniture set up before the driver departs. Whilst the majority of furniture is fully ready assembled large items such as wardrobes, beds, dining tables arrive part assembled to ensure no access issues through doors and upstairs.

These delivery charges are reality delivery charges of what it costs to actually deliver the furniture to your home. Also when you consider the savings you are making by purchasing at direct factory prices they really are a small price to pay.

We do understand that on a small single item order they will seem expensive but in truth whilst we don't apply a minimum order value it's not possible to deliver small single items at direct factory prices any less, the more you buy the more you save, these delivery charges are per order not per item.

Damaged Furniture

All our furniture is extremely well packed in mind of its shipping distances and very well protected to avoid damages. In the very unlikely scenario your furniture is damaged on delivery, you or your driver can send us a photograph of the damage and we simply re order a new item whilst in the meantime leaving you with the item to use until the replacement arrives or you can have a refund on the damaged item when its collected. Its a rare scenario due to our great packaging and handling but it's covered just in case!

Delivery Communication

Of course you wish to be kept up to date on the arrival of your furniture we understand that.

1. We email you to let you know your order has shipped on the container from the factory.

2. We email you to let you know when the container has landed at our distribution point.

3. Your designated driver will contact you directly when he has loaded your order onto his delivery truck.

4. Your designated driver will update you as he travels through your Country.

As stated it takes on average 2 weeks for the drivers to unload the container arrival and distribute the orders.

You can follow our drivers here with daily updates as they deliver across Europe on a daily basis delivering furniture from our various website operations.

We follow the above procedure to the letter, please though remember that we can not due to the volumes involved and minimising costs to ensure you have factory direct prices answer questions such as ?

A. Whens my delivery arriving?

B. What time is my delivery?

C. Do you know what day my delivery will arrive?

We are not offering on this website at these direct factory prices a full retail service but we do inform you of shipment, unloading of shipment and then your driver will contact you when he's on his way as above.

Due to the volumes we sell on a daily basis due to the direct factory pricing we simply don't have the time to be answering these type of questions, to employ someone to do so would put the prices up and thats what we are trying to avoid as so you make the savings on the furniture. We run as automated as possible to ensure low direct pricing and a smooth reliable service.

You do get clear communication during the process as above though through the process.

Dated deliveries on order we can not do, although we can work with key holders to your property or we can hold your order back until you are ready for delivery if you advise us when we email you informing you of the arrival of the container with your order on. We then await confirmation that you can take delivery and add to the next possible delivery schedule. If this is not suitable please visit our full retail websites instead. We can't offer these direct from factory prices and at the same time offer a full retail delivery service. It simply doesn't fit.

Any further questions on transport please email for the attention of Logistics Manager Tony Woodcock.

Stock Holding At The Factory.

We list on the website a live stockholding to each item ready for shipping. Items out of stock can not be ordered or reserved until back into stock figures show.

This is to ensure again smooth automated service, if an item is showing out of stock and you don't wish to select another option please hold back with your order until stock re shows on the website. As soon as a production batch the out of stock item is back into stock we upload it on the website as so you can order.

Our Service 

Our service is exceptional, we bring you factory direct prices ensuring that you save a considerable amount of money and the opportunity to furnish your home at  the least cost possible whilst obtaining quality furniture in return.

You can read our 5 star reviews on trust pilot here  where across our full operations you can see we have a full 5 star excellent rating from our customers.

We hope you enjoy taking full benefits of purchasing directly from the factory.